Bespoke Tags & Signage

Our in-house engravers are able to produce an array of tags or signage whether it be rebranding or to make visitors aware of potential hazards on site.

Handcrafted Workmanship

Based at our Head office we have a team of engravers on hand to create tailored labels and signage to meet the needs of specific sites. We provide 100% sustainably resourced and weather proof labels that will stand the test of time.

We also accept label commissions from museums, libraries and private collections for new or replacement labelling.

Hortech Limited tags and signage
Hortech Limited Bespoke Label


Some examples of engraving which can be carried out below;
  • Hazard signage
  • Site specific data
  • Visitor information
  • Plant identification labels
  • Tree Tags for QTRA surveys
  • Display cases
  • Artworks

Over 35 years of service to customers across the UK

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